Usuals is a live marketplace and prices fluctuate based on supply and demand in real-time. As such, once a Bid and an Ask are matched, an order is created and we are unable to offer returns, exchanges, or swaps. You can always resell the item on our platform if you no longer wish to keep it.

While we cannot accept returns or exchanges, every purchase on Usuals is backed by our Buyer Promise. Should we make a mistake (e.g. we ship you the wrong order, we incorrectly verify an item), we’ll make it right.

At times, you may have an issue with your order that does not qualify for support under our return policy or our Buyer Promise. In these instances, we encourage you to resell your item on Usuals. The following issues are not supported:

  • Incorrect Size: We are unable to offer returns, exchanges or swaps—including if you ordered the wrong size or the item does not fit as intended. 
  • Items 5-years out from release-date with signs of damage consistent with aging: Some of the products available on Usuals are many years out from their original release date. Despite requiring all items be sold unworn, we take into account product age during our verification process. Due to this, there may still be structural decomposition consistent with aging among certain product types, such as sneakers. 
  • Price Fluctuations: On Usuals, prices fluctuate in real time based on the supply and demand in the market. For Buyers, we are unable to offer refunds or credits should the price of your item decline after purchase. For Sellers, we are unable to cancel orders if the price of your item increases after your sale. We maintain this policy to support the integrity of the marketplace. 

For any additional questions, please contact the Usuals Customer Care team.

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